Tectrans starts 3 bus operations on same day

In hockey parlance, a player who scores three goals in a single game has performed a "hat trick." The transit industry now can stake a claim to its own hat trick with Tectrans' successful start-up of three new contracts on the same day.

At 12 a.m. EDT on Oct. 1, contracts were successfully started in two Florida locations: Collier County (on the Gulf Coast) and the City of Margate in Broward County. Three hours later, at 12 a.m. PDT, Tectrans had a successful start-up in Merced County, Calif. Combined, the three contracts are valued at more than $30 million, exclusive of additional option years.

In Collier County, the company took over the management and operations of Collier Area Transit (CAT) and its ADA paratransit system from the county's former contractor. In Margate, Tectrans assumed responsibility for the operations and maintenance of the city's fixed-route service, which had previously been operated by city staff.

The Merced operation that Tectrans launched on Oct. 1 was the county's dial-a-ride services in partnership with Merced Transportation Services, which took responsibility for the county's fixed-route services, again taking the reins from the county's previous contractor.

"Needless to say, the planning for these three simultaneous start-ups was a challenge," said Tectrans Chief Operating Officer John Busskohl. "But it was nothing that our team of seasoned and talented managers and corporate support couldn't handle. I am extremely proud to report that all three contracts were successfully started without a hitch."

Busskohl, who was in place in Collier County, said his management teams had worked alongside Tectrans' business development, human resources, safety, maintenance and training departments for about 45 days preparing for the handover of the contracts. "In the case of Collier County, due to the timing of the final contract approvals, Tectrans had a mere 17 days to effect the successful transition," said Busskohl.

To see images of the three contract start-ups, including several short videos of the Collier County transition, visit www.tectrans.com and click on the company's YouTube and Flickr links.

Tectrans Inc. is a U.S.-based transportation management firm headquartered in Los Angeles.

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