In Santa Monica, Calif., officials will pay you not to drive your car

In Santa Monica, Calif., officials will pay you not to drive your car

LA Metro's new program offers payments of up to $119.80 per week under its 'One Car Challenge.'
September 29, 2023

By Jeremy Childs | Los Angeles Times

SANTA MONICA, CALIF. — Would you be willing to give up driving your car if the government paid you?

Residents of Santa Monica will be contemplating that question as the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority rolls out a new pilot program.

In partnership with the city of Santa Monica, Metro's "One Car Challenge" will pay 200 residents of households that have multiple vehicles a weekly stipend to use only one car.

The program offers payments of up to $119.80 per week for five weeks, a total of $599 per household, starting in early November. The city is also offering bonus incentives of a Metro TAP card preloaded with $50 as well as five to 10 free rides on Metro Bike Share.

To participate in the program, interested parties must live within the city of Santa Monica, have at least two cars in their household and be at least 21 years old.

Those who meet those conditions and are interested may sign up on Metro's site. Sign-ups are due by Oct. 6. The incentives are offered only for the first 200 people to sign up.

The program is part of Metro's $1.3-million Travel Rewards Research Pilot Program funded by grants from the Federal Transit Administration and Duke University. Metro said that if the program is deemed a success, it could be rolled out to other parts of Los Angeles County.

Anyone seeking more information about the program may email [email protected] or [email protected].

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