Peter Rogoff to be nominated as FTA Administrator

Posted April 2009

President Obama has announced his intent to nominate Peter M. Rogoff as the administrator of the Federal Transit Administration.

According to his bio, Rogoff has served for 22 years on the staff of the Senate Appropriations Committee, including 14 years as the Democratic Staff Director of its Transportation Subcommittee. He also has been actively involved in the financing of the past three transportation reauthorization bills, dating back to ISTEA in 1991.

Rogoff helped to establish new user fee regimes to finance expanded security measures following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He also had an instrumental role in advising policy makers on the operating and capital needs of Amtrak, including the initiation and financing of high-speed Acela service, as well as the financing of dozens of new light rail and bus rapid transit systems across the U.S.

Rogoff has been active in overseeing and reforming troubled procurements in the FAA, Coast Guard, FTA and FHWA. He was the principal staff strategist for both the .08 blood alcohol content (BAC) law and the youth drunk driving "zero tolerance" law.

Rogoff has also been centrally involved in efforts to strengthen safety inspections of substandard trucks, cargo vessels and pipelines. Rogoff is a recipient of the U.S. Coast Guard Distinguished Public Service Award and the Lester P. Lamm Memorial Award for outstanding leadership and dedication to U.S. highway transportation programs.

Rogoff earned his MBA degree at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University and his B.A. degree in American Studies at Amherst College.

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