Transit professionals urge increase in federal gas tax

Nearly two-thirds of respondents said they support an increase in the federal gas tax.

Nearly two-thirds of transit professionals (64.7%) support an increase in the federal gas tax, based on an informal survey in the Transit Intelligence newsletter.

Slightly less than a quarter of the respondents (23.5%) oppose an increase in the tax, which has remained at 18.4 cents per gallon since 1993. About 12% of the respondents said they weren't sure.

Of those who supported a tax hike, about three-quarters said the increase should be no more than 30 cents per gallon. The other quarter support a hike of between 31 cents and a dollar.

The following comments were contributed by respondents:

"We need the tax increase to finance the current needs for transportation - and for tomorrow's needs too."

"Put the extra into hydrogen energy research and development and hydrogen infrastructure."

"If, and only if, absolute restrictions are put in place to restrict the expenditure of the funds collected to roadway maintenance and improvements should there be any consideration of an increase in the gas tax."

"Minimum 2 cents. 50-50 split, half to transit, half to Amtrak."

"It's time to restructure."

"Only an idiot would propose raising taxes in the middle of a recession."

"With gas prices now so low, now is the time to pump up both the Federal and State gas taxes. Be aware, just raising the gas tax alone is not enough to handle infrastructure problems."

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