Web Content Management System #805045

Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Austin, Texas

Type: Request for Proposals
Solicitation ID: 155028
Closing Date: April 26, 2024, 03:00 PM (Central)

WCMS Architecture. Capital Metro prefers a Hybrid/Cloud CMS solution. The WCMS solution is to be hosted and is subject to Exhibit H- IT (Hosted Solutions) – Additional Terms and Conditions for the Performance of Information Technology (IT) Products and Services.

Capital Metro prefers an enterprise-level license or subscription-based system.

The proposals shall include the following, but not be limited to:

•The description and costs for all implementation tasks to complete,

•Meet all requirements outlined in this document,

•Costs for all required licenses for the WCMS and options for additional Domains and subdomains,

•Any other software needed,

•Any costs for hosting,

•Maintenance and/or support based on the SLA’s mentioned in this document,

•Copies of all licenses agreements and related documentation required for the services.

Contractor shall provide a visual schematic of the system architecture, including all vendor components, third-party components, integration interfaces, security protocols, as well as notifications of upcoming releases, patches, and fixes with details on changes. All technical solutions will be evaluated for architecture and security design. Contractor shall also provide a list of tasks that will be done to ensure that the existing websites are successfully migrated from the existing WCMS to the new WCMS.

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For more information, contact Capital Metro Procurement Department at 512-389-7460 or [email protected].

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