Transit Bus Maintenance #804132

Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Austin, Texas

Type: Invitation for Bids
Solicitation ID: 154933
Closing Date: May 22, 2024, 03:00 PM (Central)

CapMetro is soliciting proposals for a contractor to provide routine (preventive maintenance) and non-routine maintenance of our bus fleet. The bus fleet consists of approximately four hundred and forty (440) vehicles of various vehicle manufacturers including Gillig, New Flyer, MCI, Nova, Proterra, and Creative Bus (International chassis). The fleet may include other manufacturers in the future.

The Contractor shall perform routine and non-routine maintenance on the fleet. Routine maintenance includes eight different service levels (6K through 144K). Each level requires a multi-point inspection as well as some or all the following services (See full scope located on PlantBids):

(i) Preventive maintenance inspections

(ii) State of Texas Safety Inspections

(iii) Repetitive maintenance tasks

(iv) King pin replacement

(v) Front and Rear disc and rotor replacement

(vi) Drag link replacement

(vii) Engine front and rear main seal replacement

(viii) Transmission input shaft seal replacement

(ix) Rear oil gallery seal replacement

(x) Motor mounts replacement

(xi) Turbocharger and actuator replacement

(xii) Oil cooler replacement

(xiii) Injection pump replacement

(xiv) Alternator replacement

(xv) Injector Harness replacement

(xvi) Servicing DAVCO fuel filter / separator

(xvii) Engine, transmission, and other bus system diagnostics

(xviii) Engine and transmission replacements and rebuilds

(xix) Other normal bus maintenance activities

(xx) Transportation of bus to and from CapMetro facilities

The Contractor shall also perform non-routine maintenance. Non-routine maintenance includes correcting/repairing deficiencies discovered during the routine maintenance such as emission system, “check engine light” troubleshooting, charging system, worn w/s wipers, brake service, engine belts, coolant hoses, lamps, switches, exhaust, tires, etc. Non-routine repair may also include major component repairs/replacement such as engine and transmission. The Contractor shall not perform any work without prior written approval from CapMetro. Body and collision repair shall not be performed under this contract.

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