P-24-001 Fire Suppression Inspection & Service

Jacksonville Transportation Authority
Jacksonville, Florida

Type: Request for Proposals
Solicitation ID: 152529
Closing Date: December 19, 2023, 02:00 PM (Eastern)

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (the “Authority” or the “JTA”) hereby requests Sealed Proposals for P-24-001 FIRE SUPPRESSION INSPECTION & SERVICES.

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) is seeking a contract with a Proposer to be fully responsible for providing inspection, certification, service, maintenance, and repair services for the Amerex Dry Chemical Fire Suppression and Fogmaker Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems in accordance with the specifications, terms and condition stated for transit fleet in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regulation manual 17 Chapter 11 and 17A Chapter 8.

Sealed Proposals will be received by the Authority, until the above-stated Proposal Closing date and time on the JTA Bonfire Procurement Portal at https://jtafla.bonfirehub.com.

The complete Solicitation package will be available November 9, 2023, and may be obtained by visiting https://jtafla.bonfirehub.com. A complete examination and understanding of information contained in the Solicitation package is necessary in order for the Proposer to properly submit a Proposal. The Solicitation package also includes a detailed set of Instructions to Proposers. All Proposals shall be prepared in accordance with the Instructions to Proposers. The failure to comply with any requirement contained in the Solicitation may result in the rejection of the Proposal as non-responsive or a finding that the Proposer is not qualified.

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