Squeaky Wheels

  • BART's theory on escalator breakdowns Those of us trying to get a little exercise or get to our destination quicker are apparently ruining BART's escalators. In a series of recent tweets, BART said that walking on one side and standing on another causes "uneven wear" on the escalator. This leads to more breakdowns, creating even more problems for unhappy BART riders. San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 18
  • Where the Second Avenue subway went wrong On New Year’s Eve, at a party to celebrate the opening of the long-awaited Second Avenue subway, Governor Andrew Cuomo said the project showed that government “can still do big things and great things.” What he didn’t say is that the project also shows that government can do really expensive things. The New Yorker, Jan. 18

Business Update

  • King County Executive Dow Constantine has announced a deal to buy 73 zero-emission, battery-powered buses from California-based Proterra, and his intention to buy 47 more from Proterra or its rivals by 2020. But can the industry build the articulated, 60-foot-long vehicles that carry the majority of Metro’s 400,000-plus daily passengers? Read more...

Turning Points

  • Anthony Foxx calls on leaders to rethink their mission
    In his four years as U.S. transportation secretary, Anthony Foxx has pressed public officials and industry leaders to rethink many of their long-held assumptions about transportation. Lately, he’s been trying to make sure they continue to mull over his ideas even after he’s out of office. Governing, Jan. 17
  • Boston transit advocates try to make buses sexy
    Public transportation advocates have long lobbied the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority for better bus service, with varied success. Now, they’re trying another approach: giving the humble bus an image makeover in hopes of boosting its popularity and, perhaps, its perceived status. Boston Globe, Jan. 16

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