Squeaky Wheels

  • 'Micro transportation' will curtail the need for cars The transportation and parking chief in New Haven, Conn., is predicting that within a decade or less, large numbers of people living in the region will not own cars, eschewing their own vehicles for what he called “micro transportation.” New Haven Register, Feb. 2
  • 'Buy America' buses rule backfires Buying a new bus can prove expensive for public transportation agencies. CARTA recently spent more than $400,000 apiece for four new buses to replace part of its aging fleet, for example. That’s pretty much the going rate. But part of that cost likely stems from a misguided federal rule that places complex requirements on buying buses designed to ensure that they are manufactured almost entirely within the U.S. The Post and Courier, Feb. 1
  • How to boost L.A.'s sinking transit ridership There's collective angst among proponents of local transit about the news that ridership in Los Angeles has been falling. The region has lost more than 10% of its riders since 2006 — a discouraging result given the billions in federal, state and local dollars invested in the system. Los Angeles Times, Feb. 1

Business Update

  • Concern is growing over advertising and naming rights revenue needed to run Cincinnati’s streetcar, but the company hired by the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority assured the Cincinnati City Council on Tuesday that it will deliver. “We get hired because we’ve got a professional team that can get this done,” said Ken Black, president of Advertising Vehicles. Read more...

Turning Points

  • Firm reviewing MBTA pension fund seeks whistle-blower’s report
    The firm hired by the MBTA pension fund’s board to conduct an independent review of the fund’s financial and investment records is interviewing staff and seeking a copy of a critical report coauthored by Wall Street whistle-blower Harry Markopolos. Boston Globe, Feb. 1
  • Transit agencies can test routes in virtual world
    Big data is increasingly key to understanding how people move, and helping them do so most efficiently. And there is ever more data available. Transit systems across the country are making their data available to everyone, letting the public see when the No. 4 bus will arrive. Wired, Jan. 28

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